In brief, Synaptic Depotentiation is the act of reducing or removing the power from an encoded memory which can be achieved by using a revolutionary technique called Amygdala Depotentiation (ADT) or Havening┬«. 

Michael employs this as a central tool to help overcome the problems that are the consequence of traumatic encoding.

Using his 20+ years of experience as a therapist in helping his clients to identify and overcome a myriad of human conditions Michael now employs these skills to help clients to ascertain the source of any Psychological 'injury' that may cause Anger, Fear and Sadness (or any associated emotion). These harmful imbalances can then cause or exacerbate PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Abandonment, Grief, Phobias, Chronic Pain, Cravings, Panic Attacks, Emotional Eating and countless other recognised Psychogenic/Psychosomatic problems.


In helping clients to 'de-link' the emotional content from any trauma inc. distressing memories, bereavement, domestic violence, broken relationships, shocking news, embarrassment, victims of natural disasters, war, fire, assault, home intrusion etc - he has helped countless clients to overcome these imbalances and ultimately get on with their lives again without the burden of these encoded memories and their associated negative emotions. In the majority of cases the reversal of this Psychosomatic 'dis-ease' has improved a whole range of associated Physical conditions too. 

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