You hear the saying 'it was the turning point of my life' and only ever think that it's a 'lottery win' that can do that - but meeting and then working with Michael - and then Michael helping my son- that's truly that's how it felt.


I had worked with a few counsellors in the past and never felt it had really helped. But the first time I met Michael it just felt 'right' and after the first session the majority of my worries had disappeared - I felt light, I even called him to say "this can't be right..." and  "I'm worrying that the stuff that used to trouble me isn't there anymore!".


Amazing eh? But it gets better.....


Because of things that were happening at home and at school my son's behaviour changed dramatically for the worst, he was very angry all of the time. I initially put it down to hormones and I'd read that "at 8 there is a rush" But it got worse and so I called Michael in again to help him as he had helped me, because sometimes nothing your mum says is right - right?!


Michael taught him a "magic trick" - my son's words (Havening) which obviously I knew what he meant because that is how it had felt for me to - funny how children have a way of making it very simple! From the moment my son had his first session with Michael had his first session things have never been the same since. He taught him that this magic trick could be used for nearly anything that creates a negative emotion i.e. Fear, Anger or Sadness.


He even used it to overcome a 'physical pain' a couple of days later - when a bout of conjunctivitis meant he was screaming in pain and panicking like mad when we were trying to put the ointment in his eyes- both me and my partner were left exhausted and near to tears (I'm embarrassed to say we even tried to pin him down). But then a few hours later when we had to try to put the ointment in again I suggested that he used his magic trick first. The next application was done with giggles and the few after that with one deep breath and total calm (and that for me is truly amazing!) 


I could go on so much more - but as you wouldn't be able to get it all on this page I hope that this gives you an idea of just how much I appreciate what he has done for me and my family.


So to end I'd like to say that I would recommend Michael to anyone as his intervention with both myself and my son (and subsequently with some of the friends I have recommended him to) have been beyond amazing - it has been life changing. 

Words will never be enough - but thank you, thank you, thank you 

Sharon (1)

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