Michael Bird - oh wow - this man, this Angel has helped, supported and instilled something in me I will forever be grateful for. I am actually every day in gratitude.


Sometimes I contact him 'out of the blue' to say "Thank You" as every day I grow and learn and achieve my dreams which Michael inspired me to do. 

I would say that every day my life and my awareness grows at an astounding rate and those seeds from the sessions that I had with Michael are always showing up when and I realise and say"wow - I get that now!" That's because yet again I know that I have just had another enlightening moment and I'll remember him saying that two years ago or last year when we last spoke etc 


This awareness you can’t find in a book or video or at a seminar because it’s from within and Michael showed me how to go there and find it within myself.  



So I'd like to explain that I met Michael in 2009 - but oh boy did I really know how blessed I was to know him when my world felt like it had exploded and pain was coming at me from every direction! 


My first session with him wasn’t even for me it was for my son! He helped my son so much and it was then that I realised that it the purpose of getting my son help was to show me that I needed help all along - so we immediately booked a session just for me!

I have never met anyone so present, so amazing at holding an unconditional loving space as this man. He is so gifted and full of wisdom and the most amazing authentic true cheerleader you will ever meet.


If you have ever felt alone, confused, not sure why certain things happen or just at a loss as to which way to go to feel like you’re alive again - then contact Michael - my Angel! 


The learning about my beliefs and who I am have only come because I felt safe to finally explore them with someone heaven sent and that is this professional magical majestic being 


I know an angel guided me to him at once - I was at the end of the road and now I just want to wake up each day as I feel excited about what may happen... I feel so excited and more alive than I have ever felt - since the age of one 


Michael helped me to crack the shell and helped me to love the person inside like never before.


My world is now brand new 



So Michael, thank you from every thread of my being 

I will be forever grateful 


For the first time in a very log time - I now use my full name everywhere

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