I’ve had a fear of flying for about 10 years now following an incident on a flight that 'opened a door to fear' that wasn't there before. This fear of flying that then developed had really started to affect the choices that I was making about my holidays and how long I was prepared to fly.


Then, on a flight to Ibiza, a few years back, I just happened to be sitting next to Michael, he could see the state I was getting myself into as we took off and he gave me a few 'tools', as he called them, during the flight to overcome my fears which when we began the descent  -which was always the worst part of the journey - really helped me. I discovered that we were coincidentally both going to the same resort and he very kindly offered to give me some 'Havening' before the flight back home to expand on the short session we had while on the plane.


He was as good as his word and interrupted his holiday for me and spent some time one to one gently talking to me and teaching me coping mechanism’s which I now know are called Havening techniques. Throughout our session he had the most calming nature and I felt very relaxed and safe.


Being on the same flight back home again, Michael went out of his way to find me on the plane to see how I was doing, he sat with me for a while and reinforced what he had taught me. When it came to taking off and landing time my Husband was amazed that for the first time in 10 years he didn’t have the usual nail marks dug deep into his hands!


I have flown a few times since and have always practiced what Michael taught me and have never had any fear return, we have even booked a holiday later this year which involves a 12 hour flight which I wouldn’t have dreamed of before I met Michael.


I am so thankful for meeting Michael and truly grateful to him for giving me back my confidence to fly again. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough to anyone.



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