It is often said that life is never the way you plan it and therefore you should live life each moment at a time as it is fluid and you must adapt to whatever it may throw in your direction. It is also true to say that whilst we try to be in the here and now, we are emotional beings and this level of expectation is not possible all the time.


15 months ago my partner and I were planning our wedding and life for me was full of contented happiness. In 2 short weeks this contentment was shattered and I was plunged into a deep shock which caused what can only be described as PTSD.


Life felt pointless and desperate, my family and close friends rallied around me - I felt suicidal and sad for bringing so much worry to them and I just couldn't shake the dark thoughts in my head.


In desperation I reached out to Michael, who had been introduced to me by a friend, who set a date to come and see me with the words, "I know you feel like you are in a dark tunnel with no exit, but after this conversation focus on the little light flickering in the distance. Keep your eyes and thoughts on that as I will do everything I can to help you find your way out of that darkness".


In my head were 2 thoughts, let this be true as I don't know how long I can be strong, and please let this not be one of those 'hold this crystal under this triangle' healing things. On the day I met Michael my anxiety was a 10 out of 10 and I was emotionally broken and at the lowest point in my entire life. By the end of the session I was smiling inside and out as those feelings had gone down to a 2 and that light was instantly and incredibly looking brighter.


The tools of Havening Michael taught me was a lifeline of control which I grasped with both hands and promised to use it to find 'me' again. I was 'lucky' to have time off work and I used it sometimes 5-6 times a day and began to take control - and with Michael's invaluable help I learned more about the triggers that caused many of my deep rooted issues.


What happened next could seem like the script of a soap opera as I was diagnosed with a very serious illness. Treatment began almost immediately and for the next 3 months my emotional whirlpool was on overdrive constantly day and night. I can honestly say again that without Michael's unerring guidance and the practice of Havening that he taught me my stress and anxiety would have again climbed to uncontrollable levels. I am so grateful for this gift and his support, so much so that I have taught a few other people, that have seen how amazingly well I have managed such testing challenges, how to employ such an inspirational 'life tool' and I have (and continue to) refer many people to book a session with Michael.


It is no magic formula and must be used in order to 'exercise the muscle' in the brain for it shape the way you react to thoughts, past, present or future. My journey continues and I have taken ownership of my emotions which in the ever changing world is a gift that keeps on giving.


Thank you Michael for leading me into the light and out of the darkness - each day I use Havening to keep me from ever going back into those darkest recesses.



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