My son was always a worrier in his teens and I always thought he would grow out of it and it was maybe just a phase he was going through. 

Things progressively got worse, not being able to complete college then not being able to hold a job down for more than 2 days, if he was ill he always thought he it was something seriously wrong. At the time I thought it was him just being a lazy teenager and he was being just a bit neurotic as he was forever on google with his symptoms.

He seemed to get better and started socialising with his friends and got a girlfriend and things were looking as if they were going to get better and then we had a terrible year, the family had 2 deaths I split up with my partner and him and his girlfriend split up 

He took to his bedroom and wouldn’t leave. He would come and get food as this was the only time I would see him, but he would take it and go back upstairs, He wouldn’t talk to me or socialise at all.

On evening he came down stairs and started asking questions, but it was the same question repeatedly just different scenarios and wordings. It was constant it could be any time day or night and it would go on and on and on for hours. I begged him to go and see a Doctor, but he wouldn’t go.

One night he suddenly announced he was going out and off he went about an hour later he rang me and told me he was going to kill himself and just put the phone down. I jumped in the car and spent hours looking for him and eventually found him over the park and he just broke down uncontrollably sobbing.


The next morning, I was thinking he was going to have be sectioned and all sorts then I remembered somebody telling me about Michael. So I rang him and cried like a baby down the phone at him for about an hour he told me he would speak to my son and I don’t know how Michael did it but my son agreed to go and see him. 

During the first session with Michael I sat in the car outside not knowing what was going to happen - when my son got in the car and I asked him how he thought it went and instead of the usual grunt he spoke to me. Then something came on the radio and he laughed which I hadn’t heard for months. 

Michael had given him coping mechanisms that he had to do every time he felt agitated. We got home, and he came and sat with me in the front room with me again - which he hadn’t done this for months. Every day things got better and better - his birthday was coming up and I thought I'd push my luck and asked if he wanted to go away on holiday with me - something he would never do, and he agreed. I booked a flight for the next day and we went away for the week, he got in the pool (he hadn’t done this since he was 8 and he's now in his 20's) and he was a pleasure to be with we laughed and joked like we never had before. We had a few wobbles, but he used the techniques that Michael had taught him and he overcame whatever came his way.


After the second session, it was even more incredible and I can honestly say I have no idea what Michael did or said but he was like a new man the minute he came out. He got in the car and said "right I want to get a job, I want to earn money, I want to book another holiday with my friends, I'm ready for a new girlfriend" - the list went on and on... 

Today my son has a job, he has learnt to drive, he has a car, he goes out all the time, he goes to the gym, he has been on holiday with his friends, he even comes out with me! He is truly like a changed person as he's always laughing and joking and I have my son back to how he use to be - I’m not saying my son is perfect but then again I'd never want him to be - he is just now able to do what every other person his age is doing without all of the fear, anger or sadness that he had when he went to see Michael. 



Michael still keeps in touch and asks how things are and whats happening in his life now. 

I can never thank Michael enough for what he has done for us and there will be enough words to explain how you have changed everything and given my son his life back.

 As I'm writing this, now my eyes are full of tears, but no longer sad tears - just happy ones. Thank you for making me cry for all the right reasons.  


You truly are our angel 


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