I learnt about Michael through my partner , she told me what he does and how it had helped mutual friends . I therefore contacted Michael and my transformation began .


I had suffered with depression and years of built of anger , regret and low self esteem . I saw counsellors and was on medication for years with no real improvement in my mental health . I found counselling got my issues out in the open but they provided no more than that which left me going only one way , downhill rapidly . In my head I was juggling up to 10 long term issues 24/7 , unable to switch off and the worry was pushing me towards suicidal thoughts and one attempt .


I visited Michael and found him welcoming, understanding and a totally decent human being . We sat for sometime and I told him my full story and how I felt and what I saw the only solution was . There began the most amazing feeling ever . Using the technique Michael uses we tackled the death of my Dad , and the result was amazing .


After the session with Michael I sat in my car totally mind blown at what had happened and how I felt . It was the highest high I’d ever had . It totally changed my mental state and I still visit Michael and what he taught me I use daily and see light where I only saw dark .


I’d totally recommend Michael to anyone, I don’t say things without meaning them and I admire, respect and totally am honoured to know such an amazing man who’s turned my life around .



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