Have you ever felt that you are alone in the world, that you just don't belong, that nobody understands you - or ever will? Maybe you feel you want to die as you feel that it is the only way you will ever find relief from the most painful memories that haunt you - from things that have happened to you and how you don't ever feel that you will be able to be free of such traumatic thoughts? 

Well that is exactly how I felt for as far back into my life as I could remember. So many violent and painful things had happened in my life that I just tried to block out and move on from - which you do because you have to or the alternative is to give up all together - but in reality I never really did. The voices inside my head that I couldn't silence got stronger over the years and I found that there were so many triggers for the traumas that I had suffered - sounds, places and even smells.

I had been to three separate Counsellors/Hypnotherapists etc and I had given up on any therapy believing that nobody could help me with my problems. In fact I only went to see Michael to keep my best friend happy as she felt certain that from what she had been told by someone that had seen him that this was 'different' and 'the most amazing thing' she had ever experienced - but i'm so glad that I did!


I went with my friend to see Michael and listened to his explanation of how the technique worked - but was still very sceptical, but having come this far I decided to a least give it a go... He asked me to bring to my mind one of the traumatic experiences which had happened in my life and in an instant the one that was THE most painful was there in a second.

He asked me if I wanted to speak about it or if it was too painful to keep it to myself. I felt that it was too uncomfortable to talk about so I said I'd rather not - which he underlined was fine.

He then told me to come away from the memory and got me to use the techniques that he has taught me. After a few minutes he asked me to stop and to try to recall the memory - but to my surprise (and delight) it seemed very difficult to see in my minds eye. It was so fuzzy that only a little bit of the memory remained. When I repeated the process the second time I tried to recall the panful memory but it was impossible for me to 'see' it any longer and because it was so hard to recall it the emotion of disgust that went with the memory - it disappeared too! It was truly incredible and I remember laughing out loud as the relief was sheer joy! For the rest of the session we did the same with many of the other painful memories from my life - and I left that first session feeling lighter than I ever had in my whole life.


I only had a few more sessions after that as I felt completely different about my life and no longer had the feeling of disgust about myself and the associated feelings of anger and fear.


I still keep in touch with Michael with the occasional message - or photo from my travels as I want him to know he has given me my life back and I will never be able to repay him for what he has done for me and my family. 


Bless you Michael, you are truly my angel.




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