I don’t know where to start to explain how Michael has helped me, but I will begin by saying the biggest THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and that is in no way enough. 

I have had, still do and probably will always find it difficult to put into words the impact that my physical disability, mental illness and past life experiences have on my daily life. All that topped with not sleeping for about 20 years made my days a living hell.  

So when my friend told me she knew of someone that may be able to help me with my insomnia I was slightly sceptical - but as an open minded person and willingly try most things said ‘tell me more’.


I wasn’t told much by my friend what to expect and to be honest I didn’t want anyone else’s opinion as I like to make my own mind up about things, but she did say "I have had help from a therapist called Michael and he uses a technique called Havening".

I did find out that the Havening technique was used to help people with emotional issues and I said to my friend that I had already dealt with my emotional baggage after having very successful counselling for dealing with my past (being a single parent for many years, an abusive marriage, the loss of my baby son at 5 months pregnant, losing my independence due to a debilitating illness and much more) so wasn’t sure how it may help but was willing to try anyway (with nothing to lose and plenty to gain, a bit of a no brainer eh!)

I can say that meeting Michael was easy and comfortable and the fact that he was willing to come to a safe place of my choice (my home) made it much easier for me. Given my anxiety issues I don’t feel at ease with strangers but his friendly approachable manner made me feel at ease straight away. I admit to surprising myself at how easy it was to open up to Michael and divulge my deepest worries, and untold stories buried with the grief of the loss of my son.  I was surprised that the barrier for my not sleeping was the deep grief that I still carried for losing my son and it was Michael that helped me to realise it.



The physical feeling that I described to him of having my heart squeezed within my chest and the breathlessness that went with that (which was a 10 out of 10 feeling of sadness from the loss of my son) has now passed and I can recall and talk about the events of the day my son was born and his funeral without that devastating physical feeling or bursting into tears.


I was also able to use the Havening techniques to manage the pain that was caused when my Dad (Hero) passed away and used them to overcome the devastating grief that I felt - and even then I was still able to sleep every night.

I'd like to finish my testimonial by saying that with my hand on my heart I can honestly say...

After all the years of trying to find any kind of peace in my life - It was Michael that helped me do that. 


After all the years of not sleeping - It was Michael that helped me do that.


After all the years of hating myself - it was Michael that helped me stop.


After all the years of thinking I was worthless- it was Michael that helped me think again.


After all the years of blaming myself- it was Michael that helped me see it wasn’t my fault.


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