I never thought I would do a testimonial like this as this is the first time I have ever felt the need to say how amazing somebody is - which I hope people will understand and take the chance to reach out to Michael.

I was given Michael's contact details about six months before I actually called him. I really didn't see the point and didn't want to be let down - AGAIN - as I had tried various therapists/therapies. And I now wish that I had contacted him the day that I was given his details! It would have saved me a lot more ups and downs.

My story is a long one - but the part of my story that may be relevant to anyone reading this is when I developed Combat-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while serving in the Army. I had witnessed many distressing things in my lifetime before I joined the army - but nothing could have prepared me for the things that I witnesses from the many tours that I was involved in. Most of which I wouldn't want anybody to even read as they were so horrendous. 


But after I left the army my family noticed how weirdly I was acting pretty much straight away. I was always worried that somebody was going to break in and hurt me and my family, I could go days and days without sleep as the hyper-vigilance that blighted my life was switched on 24 hours a day. The thought of seeing the things that I regularly saw in my nightmares or the way that I would react to noises and even smells on a daily basis - left me feeling that my only way out was suicide. So just days before I actually called Michael I attempted to take my own life by taking a cocktail of tablets and it is only due to my wife finding me in time that saved me. Within hours of waking up I was already planning in my head how I could make sure next time - but for my 'families sake' I decided to give help one more try - and that is where Michael comes in. 


When I met with him he listened intently to everything I said and once I had told him all of the things that were affecting my life and making me feel so scared, angry and guilty he explained what had happened to my brain when I witnessed all of the terrible things that still haunted me. He explained that the he had helped many other soldiers like me in the past to use a thing he called Havening to erase the 'emotional content' to my memories, so that I would still be able to see them - but that the memories would lose all of their power. I must admit I didn't believe such a thing could be possible - but as this was my 'last chance' to get rid of it once and for all I said I would give it a try - and am I glad that I did! 


Within half an hour he had helped me to take away all of the negative emotions of two of the most distressing memories that I had and he took them from being a 10 out of 10 to a 0 out of 10 - I just didn't believe it - even though it had just happened - I felt it was impossible to just get rid of something that powerful so quickly, and so I asked him to do it again - and once more it had exactly the same outcome...It was gone! 


Michael then taught me how to use the techniques in different scenarios and since then I have used them hundreds of times whenever I feel sad or angry etc. 


So Michael, I will never be able to thank you enough for giving me and my family our lives back, you truly are the most amazing person and I wouldn't be alive now enjoying my life in the way that i do without you.




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