Reactions to trauma will differ from person to person due to differences in personality/ethnicity, ways of expressing emotion, coping mechanisms, previous experiences of trauma, existing stresses, nature of the trauma (i.e. level of violence, whether it was unexpected), witnessing a death or serious injury or whether the individual suffered a physical injury themselves. All of these (and more) would determine what is called a person's 'landscape'. This landscape can also be affected by earlier traumas in life such as being abused or witnessing domestic violence for example. 

If you feel that any of the above description of trauma - and it's associated behaviours, emotions, outcomes - describes you (or somebody you know) then please contact Michael if you would like help in the Depotentiation - or de-linking/removing the power - of any memory/event that may have caused this trauma. 

In short - Havening/Amygdala Depotentiation doesn't remove the traumatic memory but changes the responses triggered when trying to access the memory of the trauma i.e. no unhelpful/negative responses can be triggered and further techniques are then employed to strengthen the person's landscape and their ability to 'get on with life' again. 

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