Michael Bird was one of the first 25 Certified Havening Practitioners in the world and has practiced as a Counselling Therapist/Life Coach/Sports Psychologist for more than 20 years.


In that time he feels that he has been fortunate to have been able to support his clients through a process of discovery, acceptance, empowerment and change.


He has helped countless clients to face/overcome a range of trauma based conditions such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),  Depression, Anxiety, Paranoia, Addictions, Suicide Ideation, Bereavement and Phobias to name but a few. He has also been central in helping clients work toward Self- Actualisation and to help them achieve their full potential in a myriad of settings and life situations.


He feels that he has developed an understanding, therapeutic and supportive model - with Havening at it's very core - which he feels, enables his clients to 'erase' a wide range of emotional disturbances and encoded psychological traumas with a focus on wellness, stress management, 'peak performance' and most importantly an ongoing 'self-help' model.



This means that anybody that does not see/feel any 'emotional improvement' at the conclusion of the first session would not be expected to pay for his services. 


Throughout the first session something Michael calls a 'subjective unit of distress' (SUD) will help measure any significant emotional improvement and any significant movement in the SUD will determine the agreed improvement. 

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